Young Entrepreneurs: Nina Devani, DevaniSoft

With a belief “in making things happen rather than dreaming about them”, meet the 16 year-old schoolgirl juggling a tech start-up with AS levels…

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Name: Nina Devani
Age: 16
Company: DevaniSoft Ltd

Turning the traditional entrepreneur stereotype on its head, we come to Nina Devani – the teenager who founded her business DevaniSoft aged just 14.

Specialising in computer security software, Devani launched the company’s first app Prompt Me Nina after her father’s Facebook account was hacked. Having had trouble remembering his various different passwords, Devani came up with a solution – an app which would prompt you on both usernames and passwords without having to give away your actual passwords.

Devani raised £10,000 from a private investor to start the business and says the company has been “profitable since launch” but it’s her get-up-and-go attitude which commands praise. The budding female entrepreneur says business has been her “passion” since she was really young and believes “in making things happen rather than dreaming about them”.

However, Devani asserts that starting a business at such as young age hasn’t always been easy; “it takes hard work and perseverance to make those dreams into a reality”.

With five employees and an additional 10 consultants working for her, Devani appears to have the business acumen that will see her go far. She’s currently working on new ventures to launch later this year that she hopes “will be a huge success” and plans to expand her skillset in the future by studying economics at university.

Shortlisted for the NatWest Everywoman Awards 2014, marking the awards’ youngest ever nomination, Devani points out that being a young entrepreneur has meant “less people take you seriously” but still advises others to follow in her footsteps:

“It really sets you on the right path for the future […and] seeing your ideas turn into a reality develops a really strong sense of independence and satisfaction.”

Whether or not Devani will make millions from DevaniSoft remains to be seen but with so much focus, ambition and tenacity, we certainly think Nina Devani is a name we’ll be hearing more of…

Megan Dunsby

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