Estate agent Alex becomes second Apprentice contestant to get the boot

28-year old slam's rivals "manipulative" tactics

Estate agent Alex Britez Cabral became the second contestant to leave this year’s Apprentice last night – and immediately spoke out against the manipulative tactics of rival Jim Eastwood.

Britez Cabral was fired by Lord Sugar after being picked out by Leon Doyle, project manager for the boys on last night’s task, as one of the two contestants responsible for their failure.

In his summary Lord Sugar said that, while Britez Cabral was clearly “a good talker,” he had gained a deserved reputation “for not doing anything.”

After dismissing Britez Cabral, Sugar said the 28-year old “could have put himself forward a bit more, he could have come to the fore a bit more, but he didn’t.”

Nick Hewer, Lord Sugar’s aide, said of the fired contestant: “He had two weeks to shine, and he spent two weeks in the shadows.”


Earlier, the boys and girls had been challenged to design and promote a mobile app, with victory going to the team which secured the highest number of downloads.

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The girls’ version, Ampi App, a compendium of weird and annoying sounds, secured around 1,000 more downloads than the boys’ product, Slangatang – a collection of regional accents.

In the boardroom post-mortem, failed project leader Doyle initially selected Eastwood as one of the two men to come back and face possible elimination, but changed his mind when the Northern Irish salesman managed to talk his way out of it.

Britez Cabral, who was chosen instead, said after his dismissal that Eastwood had worked the situation to his advantage. He told reporters from Bang Showbiz:

“At the end of the day we had a task and we failed. We were criticised for the pitch and Jim was involved in the pitch, we were criticised for our app, which Jim wrote.

“He dodged the blame and noticed Karen had picked me out the previous week for taking a backseat role and so he manipulated the situation.”

But Britez Cabral added that Eastwood “could win – you have to admire his powers of manipulation.”  


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