Europe’s largest financial technology incubator and accelerator space set to open at Canary Wharf

Level39 aims to encourage innovation from financial technology-focused start-ups

Canary Wharf Group plc has announced plans for the development of Level39, Europe’s largest incubator and accelerator space for financial technologies. Launching early 2013, Level39 will seek to provide a focal point for the development of innovative start-ups in the financial technology sector. Operating on the 39th floor of London’s tallest operational building One Canada Square, the incubator and accelerator will combine an office and social space, designed to support start-ups and growing businesses with the creation of financial technology products and services. Occupying 29,000 sq ft, Level39 is set to feature a technology tunnel with live data and interactive technology to encourage visitors to engage with Level39 companies’ ideas. Other innovation-boosting features include an exclusive set of sandboxes to enable software engineers to refine and test their products in a confined testing environment and a 200 seat event space. Led by Eric Van Der Kleij, technology entrepreneur and former chief executive of Tech City Investment Organisation (TCIO), Level39 aims to attract further financial technology-focused tenants to Canary Wharf and Wood Wharf, enhancing London’s position as the digital capital of Europe. Van Der Kleij said: “Level39 will help growing technology companies connect with the business opportunities, talent, investment and advice provided by the world’s leading financial services providers already established at Canary Wharf.  “We will partner with the world’s best FinTech incubators and accelerator programmes to support firms as they progress from start-up through to expansion and growth stages.”


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