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Examples of Startups content elements

This page includes examples of all of the elements we can currently use on Startups, including those added before and after the December break.

The nav list automates linking throughout articles, and can be found in the backend under the ‘Index List' label.

Compare table

The compare table is a quick top-to-bottom option for comparing products or services.
The compare table offers less flexibility than some choices, but does include a CTA >>

The higlight box is great for quick facts and figures that you want pull out of the main text a little.

Our highlight boxes can be presented in three colours: grey, red,

and also in blue.

As mentioned, these highlight boxes are best used when you want to include a quick quote or stat that is particularly attention grabbing.

Product Boxes

  • Good at content
  • Seems like a good guy
  • Generally well informed
Get Henry
  • Less good at content
  • Not so much a good guy
  • Generally uninformed
Get Bryn

Product boxes are great for comparing products side-by-side, particularly for CPA products where we can link people directly the product to purchase.

CTA - Image and Title Box

These should be used as CTAs, with up to 3 icons

These have been designed specifically for use as CTAs in our lead-gen categories; you should copy instances of this in whichever category you're working on to maintain consistency. If in doubt, speak to either Bryn or Robyn.

This element is titled ‘Image and Title box' in the back-end.

Info box

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Info box

Info boxes are ideal if you have a profile of a person that you want to include. The design and format makes it easy to split their name and title from the rest of the text.

You can find this element labeled as ‘Info box' in the back-end.

Great for powering bulbs and stuff
Bad for electrocution and things

Labeled ‘Supplier Box' in the back-end of site, these are great in reviews and pages where you want to highlight the top features of a specific product. You can choose the number of features to include and you can also use, or not use, the custom review (the circle one), depending on your preferences. These are ideal for CPA products, and maybe some lead-gen.

Bryn Glover
Bryn Glover


As Editor of Startups, Bryn runs content strategy and our annual campaigns. A lover of small business, you can find him writing about exciting entrepreneurs and UK industry trends.