Exit for Pell and Bales founder

The not-for-profit call centre operator has undergone a management buy-out

Pell and Bales, the not-for-profit call centre operator, has undergone a management buy-out providing an exit for its founder.

Simon Pell established the company with Kevin Bales in 1990 and since then has run services for well-known organisations such as Cancer Research UK, Oxfam, NSPCC and WWF.

The buy-out has been led by his chief executive Karl Holweger who with support from senior members of the management team are now in charge of the company.

Funding for the deal has been supplied by Iceni Capital, a specialist investor in fast growing business services firms. Debt facilities came from The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Pell and Bales, based in London, has four sites in the UK but now plans to expand its operations.

It will also use the investment to development a new data management system to improve its customer services.

“Our clients are increasingly looking for ways in which they can achieve superior returns on their marketing investment,” says Karl Holweger, chief executive of Pell and Bales.

“The management buyout will ensure that we have the resources and expertise necessary to develop further our data-centric product and service offering and consequently to meet the needs of our clients.”

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The shareholders in Pell and Bales were advised by business boutique Livingstone Guarantee.

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