Eye-tracking ANL gain £1.2m

Applied Neurodiagnostics Ltd (ANL) has received £1.2m of investment from a consortium of investors.

The company produces ‘eye-tracking’ products or pupilometers, which are used to detect neurological disorders in patients at an early stage.

Eye-tracking technology is also of interest to the military planners as pilots in Apache helicopter gunships already use such devices to control weaponry.

The Northumberland-based manufacturer will use the investment to conduct trials, which it hopes will lead to its product going to market.

The company is currently working with Northumbria University on the project.

ANL’s chief executive Bob Sinclair said: “After many years living and working outside the UK, I am very please to be able to set up a business in my home territory and make use of the undoubted technological and design expertise in the region.”

Alex Buchan, investment manager at NSEI, said: “We’re proud to be investing in a company manufacturing cutting edge instrumentation with a huge number of important applications particularly in the medical field.

“NSEI’s Co-Investment Fund is here to help North East businesses reach their full potential.

“We’re keen to talk to any ambitious entrepreneurs who have a product, service or idea they want to take forward, even if it’s at an early stage of development.”

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