Eyetease Media

The taxitop advertising tool tailoring ads to specific locations

Founder: Richard Corbett
Launched: January 2012
Website: www.eyeteasemedia.com

The sight of adverts whizzing past on taxis is a familiar one to visitors of most major cities and with the vehicles travelling across a range of areas in one day, this is often a successful form of promotion.

However while in a taxi in New York, perceptive entrepreneur Richard Corbett acknowledged that the adverts are at times irrelevant to their current location.

In response to this, Corbett has developed Eyetease Media, which manufactures the world’s first digital taxitop for the roofs of cabs.

Named iTaxitop, the advertising tool uses 3G and GPS enabled software to tailor adverts to the taxi’s specific location.

The unique technology is set to take the world by storm, with trials underway across North America and Europe and trials in London planned for 2013, pending approval from Transport for London.

The start-up is also set to launch CabWifi into London cabs in 2013. Using a unique “ads-for-access” model, the service will prompt passengers to watch a 15 second advert before gaining access to 15 minutes of free internet on the move.

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