Facebook announces new features to help businesses “reach their goals”

Updates include option for businesses to display products and services at the top of their page and advanced messaging...

Facebook has unveiled a raft of changes to make it easier for its 45 million active business users to “highlight important information and reach their goals” on their pages.

Unveiled by Facebook director of global partnerships,  Benji Shomair, the updated features include new calls to action such as “message me”, “contact us” and “call me” which will appear more prominently  on business pages.

Businesses will also be able to add new sections to their page including a ‘services’ tab to list services at the top of their page and a ‘shop’ tab for retail businesses to display products at the top of their page (pictured above).

The social network is also launching several features to help business owners better communicate with customers – if a customer posts a comment on their page, business owners will be able to reply with a private message for instance. It has also introduced a function where messages to common enquiries can be created and sent automatically.

Given the rising numbers of people  accessing Facebook via mobile, the features will look to make business pages more user-friendly on mobile devices.

Find out more about the new features for business pages on Facebook here.

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