Facebook makes algorithm update to content published by businesses

Rumours of "Facebookgeddon" as network announces plans to strike "better balance" on content displayed on News Feeds

Facebook has announced that it is making three major changes to its News Feed algorithm which will impact on businesses and brands that use the social network to market content and ads.

Set to roll out over the next few weeks, the changes will mean that status updates, photos and videos shared directly by friends will be pushed higher up News Feeds, while pages from brands and businesses may suffer promotion-wise as a result.

The tweaks, which were announced in its blog earlier this week, are said to have been made to strike a “better balance” for Facebook users after its research revealed that people generally disliked being shown updates regarding their friends liking or commenting on posts – these will now appear lower down in a News Feed or not at all.

Facebook product manager Max Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors warned that some Facebook pages could see a “potential decline” in post reach and referral traffic but advised businesses to “continue to post things that people find meaningful”.


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