Facebook tools: How to apply them to your business’ social media strategy

As Facebook unveils its new Pages for businesses, find out how Facebook Live, Reactions and 360 Photos & Videos can increase engagement...

2016 has seen a whole influx of new Facebook tools to increase user engagement on the social networking site, but how can they help your business?

One of the biggest gripes of businesses that use Facebook as part of their social media strategy is that reach and engagement have been rapidly going downhill, unless they pay to ‘boost posts’, as Social Media Examiner’s Marketing Industry Report 2016 found: “A significant 40% of marketers don’t know if Facebook traffic has declined in the last 12 months and 35% aren’t sure if their Facebook marketing is effective.”

Facebook is tackling this by releasing three key new tools to global users, some were previously the reserve of big names using its app Mention, to help increase user engagement with brand posts:

  • Live – The tool to rival Periscope, users can now live stream videos directly to Facebook
  • Reactions – New ‘like’ buttons that allow users to react to a Facebook post through emojis
  • 360 Photos and Videos – Facebook’s first step in bringing VR (virtual reality) to the masses

Click the buttons above or below to discover how you can use these new tools to engage your Facebook audience and build your marketing strategy…


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