Fair Finance Consortium

Focuses on comfortable repayments

Fair Finance Consortium (FFC) members are located throughout the West Midlands and totally independent from any bank or financial Institutions. Put simply they lend out their own money, focusing on your ability to comfortably make each repayments. Nine members specialise in providing their own specific loan products, you can apply for a loan from as little £1000 up to £50,000 for a new and existing venture.

For businesses that lack:

Business banking history A good credit history Financial security (Assets), or a Sympathetic bank manager

Our unique financial products are here to assist:

Entrepreneurs Existing businesses Micro businesses Social enterprises

Our ethos is about being open and honest; the more enquiries we receive the more new people we help the easier we can identify our potential clients’ needs. However it is unfortunate that we are unable to offer loans to everyone across the region. FFC members deliver services within:

Birmingham Coventry Warwickshire Herefordshire Worcestershire North Shropshire The Black Country North Staffordshire South Staffordshire

FFC is a collaboration of individually owned and governed financial services providers; there are often variations in the terms and conditions applied by any individual member. To receive up to date information with a typical example regarding:

APRs Interest rates Terms and conditions including, Any additional clearly illustrated charges

visit our web portal and choose the relevant provider located in your part of the region at www.fair-finance.net, or contact us at info@fair-finance.net.


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