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Inspiring female-founded businesses of 2017: Dual Good Health

The first to market virtual reality software providing first aid training to help “more people know how to save lives”

Founder: Anna Stoilova
Launched: March 2017

There’s no escaping the huge rise in virtual reality over the last few years, and start-ups have been capitalising on the growing trend in a number of innovative ways, from virtual fitting rooms to treasure hunt apps, and now Dual Good Health is using VR to shake up how we learn and deliver first aid.

With a mission statement “to train more people how to save lives” – it’s a very worthy proposition and one that could have literally life-changing implications.

So how does it work? Well, unlike the awkward first aid training sessions of days gone by where you have to role play with each other, Dual Good Health’s cutting-edge software allows users to immerse themselves in live scenarios, using a physical CPR mannequin to track the depth and speed of chest compression in real time.

The first of its kind, the start-up claims its application will reduce costs, improve the quality of training and increase user engagement – to ultimately help more people know how to provide emergency medical support.

Since starting the business in March, alongside her co-founder, CEO Anna Stoilova has achieved a number of significant milestones, including being chosen from 169 companies as one of eight businesses on the Bethnal Green Ventures Accelerator programme. The ‘tech for good’ investment arm also provided £20,000 in backing.

And the support has been invaluable. After testing the product on hundreds of users across the last few months, the young firm has now secured its first partnership with a training provider that will commence in the new year – with rollout across universities planned for September 2018 onwards.

On top of plans to expand its team to create more VR training solutions and grow internationally, in the long term Stoilova wants to be the recognised provider of VR software for the health and safety industry.

It’s going to be a busy year for this young brand – and we can’t wait to see what the future holds…