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Inspiring female-founded businesses of 2017: Farmshoplarder

The site connecting you to independent food and drink producers whose products you won’t find in the supermarkets

Founder: Rebecca Lacey
March 2017

The UK boasts a wealth of small-scale businesses and farmers making incredible food and drink produce. But, with competition for supermarket listings fierce and certain goods restricted to specific regions, it has not always been that easy for Joe public to access and find.

This is where Farmshoplarder comes in.

Making shopping for unique British-made food and drink easy, Farmshoplarder is an online marketplace which connects you with award-winning, high-quality, artisan independent producers and farmers.

Importantly, the start-up enables you to discover and sample the tastes of farmer’s markets – regardless of where you live in the UK. For instance, you can try out chutneys and jams from the handpicked fruits of Norfolk or savour the charcuterie from Rutland. And products are sourced directly from farmers, the site doesn't use any 3rd parties.

The business – which is a member of the Guild of Fine Food and FARMA – was created by Rebecca Lacey and, having launched in March, has already welcomed more than 70 independent producers to its platform. These include Bad Boy Chilli, a 100% chilli paste brand from Cornwall, Pickerings Gin from Edinburgh, and Holme Farmed Venison from Yorkshire.

Lacey’s business inspiration for Farmshoplarder? Bacon. Or, to be more precise, a craving for locally-sourced rashers.

Having visited several B&Bs on holiday over the years; staying at hotels that offered locally-sourced bacon for brekkie, Lacey would return home (far away from farms or a local butcher) to find that shop-bought bacon paled in comparison. So, she set about creating a solution.

Built with just £1,500 while on maternity leave, Lacey is intent on making Farmshoplarder a household name over the coming years. Following some recent press in luxury gourmet food publication Good Things and with lots of exciting plans on the horizon, we predict this foodie champion will be one to watch in 2018.