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Female entrepreneurs killing it in the UK start-up scene

All of these female founders have built successful businesses in less than four years. Discover the most inspiring women running start-ups in the UK today...

When it comes to women in business, particularly in the start-up space, the saying ‘you cannot be what you cannot see” often holds true.

While you're probably familiar with successful established female entrepreneurs such as Jo Malone, Karren Brady, and Cath Kidston, how many female start-up founders can you actually name? Unless you're a well-connected business owner or read an awful lot of business magazines, the answer is probably not that many.

Now, more than ever, we are being told to act on the issue of gender diversity – from business groups and the government – and we here at Startups Towers came to realise that a feature showcasing the country's stellar female start-up entrepreneurs was long overdue.

We need more role models for women to want to start a business, and who better than up-and-coming female entrepreneurs – all a variety of ages, cultures and backgrounds – to have as role models?

That's why we've created this feature: To shine a spotlight on the early-stage female founders who are transforming industries, creating innovative new products, and shaking up traditional marketplaces.

From technology to fashion to food and drink, the following budding female entrepreneurs have all launched businesses on or after January 2012 and have gone on to raise more than £1m in funding, achieve annual turnover of more than £500,000, or, in some cases, both.

It's important to note that these women are not only inspiring because of their start-up revenue figures or fundraising amounts but, more importantly, because they’re part of a very small cluster of women that have been willing to risk it all to make their business idea a reality.

So, without further ado, here are Britain's most inspiring female entrepreneurs running awesome UK start-ups…


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