Female-led business network I AM WOMAN seeking 12 new franchisees

Looking for “talented” female entrepreneurs to launch business clubs across the UK

I AM WOMAN, a network of business clubs exclusively for “aspiring” women, has announced 12 new franchise opportunities for female entrepreneurs to join its chain.

Established in 2010, I AM WOMAN is a female-only membership club targeted at helping to “optimise the development” of women in business.

It currently has three franchises in the UK but is keen to grow its national network and has plans for global expansion in American and Jamaica.

It has part-time and full-time franchise vacancies in several UK areas including Bristol, Nottingham, Swansea and Newport for an initial fee of £12,950 + VAT and says that its full-time franchisees can expect to see a return of £104,500 per annum.

I AM WOMAN founder and managing director, Cheryl Bass (pictured centre), commented:

“We want it [the franchise] to appeal to a wide range of women, which is why we are offering full and part-time opportunities. This is a great chance to work with some like-minded women who all have their own unique ideas on business and networking”.

Existing franchisee of its Swindon club, Elaine Godley, continued:

“The best thing is the structure, you know what to expect. You know when you come to an I AM WOMAN meeting that it’s an I AM WOMAN meeting, whether it’s Swindon, Cheltenham or Cardiff.”

To find out more about I AM WOMAN’s franchise opportunities, click here.


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