Finance Yorkshire provides £100,000 loan for burgeoning architectural firm

Funding set to accelerate rapid recent growth

A burgeoning architectural firm in Doncaster is hoping to further accelerate its growth thanks to a £100,000 loan from Finance Yorkshire.

Senior Architectural Systems (SAS) has already opened factories in Scotland and South Wales, and its fenestration systems have attracted a string of clients in the leisure and education sectors.

Lennart Jonsson, managing director of SAS, said: “Last year we had a turnover of £25 million but this year we should be closer to £30m, so looking ahead we’re hoping to employ more people and invest further in the business by developing new product lines.”

David Ward, portfolio manager at Finance Yorkshire, added: “Cash flow requirements are one of the main reasons why businesses encounter difficulties, which underlines the importance of Finance Yorkshire’s role in assisting viable businesses with their growth and ambitions.”


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