Finding a franchise and business for sale

There's plenty of information to read up on before making contact

When considering whether to buy a franchise and any business for sale in the UK, it is important to do your homework. Buying a franchise is no small step, but there are plenty of sources of information on buying a franchise. So before you seek a franchise for sale in the UK you should check it out in detail.

In the directory of franchises for sale in the UK, we provide all the information you should consider when buying a franchise business. Whether you are looking for franchises for sale, UK franchising organisations, funding options to help you buy a franchise business, or even advice on when to make your own franchise sale, as the UK’s largest online resource for anyone starting or running a small business, can make your choice and informed one.

Likewise, the British Franchise Association franchisee guide lists all its members, including franchise companies, and gives advice to prospective franchisors on how to make the right choice when buying a franchise business. Even if you are simply wondering whether buying a franchise is for you, the BFA’s experts can help.

Another option for those looking for the best franchise sale are the UK’s many franchising exhibitions. Here you can meet dozens of franchisors face to face and get free advice on buying a franchise business from experts at banks, accounting and law firms. There are also free seminars run by the BFA concerning how to become a franchisee, where you can ask your burning questions about buying a franchise business for sale.

However, it pays to prepare for exhibitions well in advance. If you want the greatest chance of getting the best franchise business for sale, you should get an exhibition’s programmes before you go, decide which franchisors and experts you want to meet, prepare lists of questions, give yourself time to attend seminars and, maybe most importantly, wear comfy shoes.

But don’t get carried away by the excitement of the exhibition and sign a contract on the spot. However great the opportunity and well-intended the people seem to be, you should always give yourself a cooling off period before signing the dotted line on any franchise sale – in the UK or anywhere.

Lastly, make sure you stay up-to-date with forthcoming exhibitions by regularly checking our events section. Franchising is a competitive but highly lucrative market, and those who are on time give themselves an immediate advantage.

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