Firms advised to put CSR on the agenda

Corporate Social Responsibility "should be made a unique selling point"

UK businesses should make Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) their unique selling point (USP) and consider partnering with a charity to improve their business practices, it has been claimed.

The commercial world is facing increasing pressure to adopt socially responsible business practices, and companies should be working to become more socially responsible, according to CharityTalk, the phone and broadband provider.

Over the last 10 years CSR has developed from a fringe interest associated with companies with links to the environment into a mainstream business activity adopted by household brands.

The telecommunications provider is calling on businesses to put ethical business practices at the top of their agenda and says the coming years will show whether CSR has really been accepted by organisations across the globe, or whether it is just used as a marketing ploy.

Owen Bloodworth, CharityTalk managing director, says UK businesses should be taking notice of CSR as many investors and potential employees are attracted to socially responsible companies.

He added: “However, a strong CSR programme and progressive sustainability policies should be high up the agenda. Being a responsible business is now more important than ever, especially as we have witnessed a severe lack of it from corporations the world over during recent years.”



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