First-time franchise owner offering coffee-on-wheels in Worcester

Mark Price, a former IT employee, has become a franchisee of mobile drinks chain Coffee-Bike

A former IT and telecoms employee has hopped on his entrepreneurial bike to become a new franchisee of mobile-drinks chain Coffee-Bike.

Mark Price, a resident of Worcester for the past 14 years, is now self-employed for the first time ever and will operate the mobile coffee shop in his home city.

Coffee-Bike was originally founded in Osnabrück, Germany, before expanding to numerous other European countries.

Aspiring franchisees can benefit from no monthly fixed cost, a 24 hour support service and an option to rent ,rather than buy, the bike.

Mark said:

“Worcester is a beautiful city with many historic buildings and the style of the Coffee-Bike compliments the city and its surroundings perfectly. I feel certain that the residents and tourists will love the Coffee-Bike and its certified organic coffee classics and specialities”

“Purchasing a franchise license offers a lot of potential since it gives me the opportunity to benefit from the success of this proven concept. In addition, I can always rely on the support of a professional and knowledgeable team at the Coffee-Bike headquarters”


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