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Five logo design trends to try in 2017

Whether you're re-branding or starting a business this year, Laura McLeod of 99designs looks at logo inspiration you can take from the big boys

Research suggests that over 80 new companies are born every hour – so the need to elevate your business above competitors with effective branding is now greater than ever.

Branding can often involve tough decisions, but it doesn’t have the to be hard or expensive.

Whether you're looking to re-brand your business or launch a business this year, you must do your research, know the basics and know your trends.

During 2016 we saw huge global companies successfully re-design their logos and evolve their brands.

Learning from these brands is a cost-effective way to ensure you can effectively brief a designer on what you need and want, and it will help you to get a step ahead of the competition.

With this in mind, here’s my guide to five of the top logo design trends you should consider in 2017:

1. Simplification

Many brands are choosing to simplify the details in their logos, producing a much cleaner and more modern effect.

Mastercard re-branded in 2016, updating its logo with a streamlined, simple design. It retains the iconic red and yellow overlapping circles, but takes a much cleaner approach which means Mastercard's audience can still instantly recognise the brand.

If you’re looking to refresh your logo or create a new logo, simplification – while maintaining key elements of your logo – is a very strong trend that works well across digital channels.

2. Less equals more

In recent years you may have started to notice that businesses are increasingly using less colour in their logos – but this is deceiving.

Simple colour palettes actually create the sense of more colour due to the reductionist method of allowing each individual colour in the space to shine.

Travel adventure company Find Elly was looking for a modern and youthful logo to help market its exciting global experiences. The final result is a minimal, clean and simple logo that perfectly signifies its sector and lets the simple colour palette shine.

Designed by shaka88

3. Geometry to modernise brand identity

Geometry is nothing new in the world of logo design, but big brands are now really pushing the boundaries and it’s working in their favour.

Food delivery service Deliveroo recently decided to up its branding game. The original logo was conceived primarily with business cards, delivery boxes and a website in mind, but in light of a growing service and user base, the logo needed to be reworked to span across everything from its rider’s vests, billboards, mobile apps and much more.

The new logo keeps the playful ‘roo' at its heart, but is now based on a set of clearly defined angles, which Deliveroo has very neatly used as a design system across the rest of its corporate identity. The final result is fresh, clean, modern and still fun.

If your business has gone through a rapid stage of growth since your original logo design, this could be a route to consider.

Using the geometry of your logo to give flourishes to other parts of your brand design is also a smart idea.

4. Hand-drawn = authentic

Comfort can be a big factor in winning over potential customers.

Although they can be labour-intensive and not so easy to work with in digital formats, hand-drawn designs feel fresh, human and grounded.

They can often bring a touch more authenticity to a brand, so it can be worth the effort – especially for B2C brands.

Many businesses and designers across our platform are incorporating hand-drawn elements to give their brand design system a little twist. If you’re developing a consumer brand this year – especially in food, drink or clothing – this is a technique worth exploring.

Designed by Savanamm

Designed by Alet

Designed by Alet

5. Repetition, repetition, repetition

We’re all suckers for familiarity, and there are some simple ways in which you can evoke that feeling with your logo design through pattern and repetition.

Ministry of Sound recently introduced a new style to its branding which incorporates the repetition of a section of its famous lettermark.

This design creates a dynamic feel which is bang on for a brand synonymous with dance music and delivers a lot of impact (which is great for channels such as Out Of Home), yet keeps the heritage of Ministry’s old logo at its heart.

Designs via Spin

If you want to instill a sense of familiarity, movement and vibrancy throughout your brand identity, pattern repetition is great route to go down. Many brands from our platform are also using this to great effect:

Designed by Milakat

Designed by Martis Lupus

These five logo design trends are easy to replicate and are commonly understood among the design community. Learn from these trend-setters and you’ll ensure that your business remains fresh yet authentic.

And there’s nothing the like the start of another new year to create a clean and fresh look for your brand, so no time like the present!

Laura McLeod is brand marketing manager at 99designs Europe. Having studied History of Art in the UK’s capital city, she is passionate about visual arts, design and aesthetics.

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