The picture-based property repair reporting system revolutionising the tenancy experience

Founders: Rajeev Nayyar and Duncan Careless
Launched: May 2013

Anyone who has ever rented a house or flat in the UK knows that when something goes wrong with the property, it can be a nightmare to repair: something as simple as a leaky tap can quickly turn into a storm of missed calls, delays and recriminations.

Describing itself as a ‘win-win-win’ for tenants, property managers and contractors, Rajeev Nayyar and Duncan Careless’ Fixflo service aims to transform the whole cumbersome process. Their smart, picture-based, repair reporting system helps tenants to identify the real problem quickly, and delivers this information automatically to the precise person who can fix the issue, meaning properties can be repaired efficiently without the usual fuss.

Running on a monthly subscription model, landlords and managers can brand the Fixflo system as their own, tailoring their messages to their own tenant base – in a block of flats, for example, the Fixflo system can be used to update residents on the state of a broken lift.

It is a model that the entire industry has seemingly been crying out for – the pair have signed up more than 100 letting agencies and property management companies across the UK since launch in May, ranging from major industry players to smaller, independent agencies.

Nayyar and Careless say that the company is taking on an average of one client a day, with a number of international sales already concluded, and the self-funded business is now considering raising finance to increase its overseas presence across 2014.

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