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Fleet cars: Best commercial vans for delivery drivers

Efficiency is key when it comes to delivering your products or services. So what commercial vehicles would suit your delivery drivers?

For many businesses, commercial vehicles are the beating heart of the operation. After all, you need vans to get your products to market.

As a result, the choice of commercial vehicles and their efficiency and reliable operation is integral and vital: get it wrong and you could end up with an inefficient and costly business, and disgruntled customers.

So it is imperative to choose vans which are trustworthy and cost-effective, but also backed up by excellent customer service – every hour a commercial vehicle is off the road is money being wasted.

Look long and hard at your supplier’s back-up offering. How many dealers do they have, and where are they? What are their waiting times and prices like for servicing, maintenance and repair? How helpful will they be in a crisis? Only choose a supplier that can prove these attributes to you in a clear and constructive way. Then you can start looking at which vehicles will suit the roles you need.

Fiat Doblò Cargo

Fiat Doblò Cargo

The Doblò Cargo is the ideal van for those businesses that need a commercial vehicle to transport and deliver small goods, with a load volume of 5.4m3 and an internal length of up to 3.4 metres.

Thanks to the “engine for every mission” strategy, the Doblò Cargo offers maximum performance for different professional needs and type of use with both petrol and diesel engines.

Choice is crucial in this category because while diesel engines might be the default option for commercial vehicles, if you are using your vans for lots of short, stop/start trips, rather than long distances, a small petrol engine might well be the best selection.

The Doblò Cargo also comes with a host of safety features as standard, including a tyre pressure monitoring system, traction control and electronic stability control and cruise control, which is very useful in this class of van, as often they will have numerous drivers using it for errands who may not be regular operators of vans.

Prices start from £13,595

Fiat Talento

Fiat Talento

The mid-size Talento is a commercial vehicle that can perform a multitude of roles. It is good-looking with some clever practical design features, a comfortable ride and excellent cabin refinement, with nine variants in short- and long-wheelbase with high or low roofs, plus people carrier, crew van and a chassis cab options.

Even the smallest capacity 5.2m3 Talento can easily swallow three Euro-pallets, and there is a variety of Euro 6 engines to suit all jobs. All are 1.6 turbodiesels with single or twin turbos, and power outputs from 95 to 145hp. As an urban delivery or workers van, the Talento offers efficient engines, sturdiness and reliability from a well proven chassis and drivetrain.

Prices from £20,345

Fiat Ducato

Fiat Ducato

If you are looking for the maximum carrying capacity and a van that can do almost anything, the mighty Fiat Ducato is the answer. With volumes up to 17m3, a payload capacity of 2.2 tonnes and an internal load length of up to more than four metres, there is very little the Ducato cannot handle.

Crucially, the Ducato is configurable in a huge number of ways to fit exactly what you need from it, with up to seven types of rear suspension available to suit all purposes, crew van, dropside, tipper and double cab variants, and five diesel engines too, from 115hp to 180hp.

The cabin of the Ducato is suitably well appointed too, while there are plenty of useful features available such as reversing cameras, traction control and Load Adaptive Control. Load Adaptive Control calculates the vehicle’s load conditions while driving, in particular the weight and the position of the centre of gravity and adjusts the stability control and rollover protection accordingly.

Prices from £22,345

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