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Fleet cars: Best for the ‘Sales Director’

First impressions count with clients and as a commercial leader the right car can inspire. So what car should your sales or marketing director drive?

If you’re in sales and marketing, you will know how important making an impact and being remembered is.

When you go to see clients, you want to stand out from the crowd, and this reflects in the car choice too: your customers and prospects won’t be wowed if you turn up in a nondescript hatchback. They want to know that the person they are dealing with has individuality and makes a statement in everything they do.

However, standing out from the crowd of competitors is one thing, but breaking the bank personally to do so is quite another. Most people still want to pay as little on tax and fuel as possible, and so these cars allow you to have the best of both worlds, with low running costs and highly competitive CO2 levels which limit the amount of company car tax you pay.

Fiat 124

Fiat 124

Convertibles aren’t always staple of company car fleets, because it is thought they lack the security of other cars and can be expensive to run as well as hard to reassign if an employee leaves. That’s not the case with the 124, a reinterpretation of the iconic models from the 1960s, brought into the modern age.

This two-seat roadster will make quite an impact with customers, from its long, elegant lines to the nimble handling, and for drivers it is surprisingly practical too, with technology that makes this a car that can be driven every day. Full LED headlights, 7-inch touchscreen display with multimedia interface, and keyless entry are features every driver will appreciate.

But central to the 124’s proposition is its engine: a zingy 1.4-litre petrol motor with 140hp allows this ultra-lightweight car to be both sporty and economical, with 0-62mph time of 7.5 seconds and a combined fuel economy of 44.1mpg, and CO2 emissions of 148g/km.

Factor in on-the-road prices starting from only £21,050, and you have a unique proposition of high spirits and low running costs.

Jeep Cherokee

Jeep Cherokee

The mid-size Jeep Cherokee SUV has sculpted and aerodynamic exterior which makes a strong statement while remaining true to its Jeep heritage, featuring a bold and modern design that is equally at home on a rugged trail or at a client visit.

A luxurious, well-crafted interior comes with extensive use of soft-touch, high-quality materials, a personalised instrument cluster and Jeep’s Uconnect system, which operates just like your smartphone, offering voice control and multimedia connectivity. It will even read your messages out for you, keeping you connected to your working day, even when out on the road.

Of course, being a Jeep, the Cherokee comes stacked with every technology feature needed for off-road driving, but it is extremely competent on road too, thanks to refined and economical diesel engines which can be mated to a nine speed automatic transmission.

As synonymous with Jeep as off-roading is value, and the Cherokee starts at only £35,435.


Abarth was born in 1949, when brilliant racer and engineer Carlo Abarth built his first roadster, based on a Fiat 1100. From then on, the brand has been synonymous with innovation, its light weight models, and sportiness. And the current range of cars, based on the already hugely successful Fiat 500 and 124, continue that legacy.

On most company car fleets, sports cars from most brands don’t make sense because they are inefficient and expensive, but Abarth is different. Carlo Abarth’s philosophy of small and light perfectly fits with modern sensibilities, and so the brilliant little 595 and 695, with their 1.4 Turbo T-Jet engine offering 145hp and 180hp respectively are both sporty and cheap to run.

Then there’s the gorgeous 170hp 124 Spider, with a kerb weight of barely more than a 1,000kgs, proving that you don’t need monstrous power to make a brilliant sports car.

The Abarth range, with its scorpion branding and bespoke styling, is about innovation and agility: values that match many of the best companies.

Prices start from £18,610.

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