A study platform providing university students with a full package of textbooks, journals and course notes

Founders: Hamish Brocklebank and Nicolas Philippe
Launched: December 2012
Website: www.flooved.com

Entrepreneurs Hamish Brocklebank and Nicholas Philippe have designed a study platform that appeals to even the laziest of university students.

Named Flooved after the pig Latin for ‘stream of books’, the company provides a one-stop shop for student research materials such as textbooks, past papers, journal articles and course notes.

Using integrated social tools, students and lecturers can then annotate and comment on pieces, or upload their own content and share it with the rest of the student community. Open to veterinary science, maths, physics, chemistry and biology students, the platform offers an upgraded premium service for £7.50 a month, which provides students with paid for content specific to their course, including books from Amazon; universities can also sign up for a platform tailored to their requirements.

Using the intelligent search engine Wolfram Alpha, which is fully integrated into the platform, users can even find tailored answers to their specific queries.

Flooved, which was selected for one of just six places on the BBC Labs accelerator programme, gained its first paying customers just this month and is set to launch officially in the new year.

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