Football clubs to educate young entrepreneurs

Football can be 'force for good', says PM

Aspiring young entrepreneurs will soon be able to turn their dreams into reality at a string of new football enterprise initiatives at Premier League football clubs across the country, it was announced today.

Business secretary John Hutton made the announcement during a visit to Middlesbrough FC, which is already running an enterprise academy. He said the initiatives have brought business to life by using real football club examples to make enterprise more relevant to young people.

The new schemes will be modelled on successful academies at Middlesbrough FC and Blackburn Rovers, which Hutton said had already helped local children improve their entrepreneurial skills, increasing their awareness of business planning and finance.

“Through designing football kits, taking part in ‘management challenges’ and learning about real life budgetary issues like season ticket sales, kids learn what it means to be an entrepreneur,” he said.

Aston Villa and Manchester City will be the next football clubs to host an academy, which will deliver education to local 13 and 14-year-olds.

The Prime Minister backed Hutton’s plans, saying that football could be a ‘powerful force for good’.

“Clubs can introduce young people to the realities of the world of business in a way they relate to. The next Alan Sugar, Peter Jones or Karen Brady might end up starting their own business through a love of football,” he said.

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Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore added: “The interest that many young people have in football means that Premier League clubs have a unique opportunity to be able to influence and educate.”

“The world of business and enterprise is an example of how a subject, when linked to how a football club operates, is suddenly made that bit more interesting,” he said.

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