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Why franchising is the “perfect” business opportunity, from a successful franchisee

Auditel franchisee Mike Andrews has said that franchising offered him a "well-trodden" model and a wide support network. Is it the opportunity for you?

Entrepreneur Mike Andrews, who joined business management consultancy Auditel as a franchisee in 2004, has spoken out about the business success that he has built through franchising.

Having served as a franchisee for the brand for the past 13 years, Andrews has said that franchising has enabled him to establish an ideal work-life balance, minus the risk and uncertain future often associated with entrepreneurship.

Andrews has praised “the Auditel model” for enabling him to exercise his previous experience in project management, business development and client care, and presenting a “tried-and-tested” business model that has proved successful for him.

Andrews has cited the brand's network as a key driver of his success, stating that he regularly collaborates with a nearby fellow Auditel franchisee who has a skill set that differs to – but complements – his own. He has also dubbed Auditel's training and support programmes, which the brand says are designed to help franchisees run successful businesses, as “crucial”.

Prior to joining Auditel, Andrews worked in a small, multi-disciplinary design consultancy in a role that taught him what running a business would involve. He was keen to launch his own business during this time but, wary that some business models could be “very capital intensive and too high risk”, the entrepreneur went in search of a structured option that came with proven potential for success – this led him to franchising.

After combing the franchise market for an opportunity that would enable him to utilise his existing skill set, Andrews chose to invest in an Auditel franchise.

Established in 1994, Auditel has built a network of business management specialists who work with CEOs and business owners across the UK, aiming to drive growth, competitiveness and profitability for the businesses they serve as outsourced board-level members.

On setting up a franchise with Auditel, Andrews commented:

“I also considered starting a business from scratch with a friend, but realised I would rather set up a business with a well-trodden path, rather than setting up on my own, so chose to take out a franchise instead.

“Having a degree in construction management, I was very much into managing projects, and business development; but I also knew my experience of dealing with and helping clients at various stages lends itself well with their business model.

“I like the training and support I receive, and being part of a nationwide network. I like that the Auditel model enables us to build robust and interactive relationships with our clients.”

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