Free ‘instant’ business messaging app launches to rival likes of Yammer

Chat service Flock aims to separate an employee’s business life from their private life

Flock, a free business messaging app intended to improve company communications, has launched in the UK today for both mobile and desktop.

Said to offer services that competitors Yammer, Hipchat, and Slack cannot, the app uses ‘instant’ messaging tools to help separate an employee’s business life from their private one with the goal to help firms “eliminate the waste of time” spent on managing emails.

With the claim that it will “always remain free”, the app allows employees to share files and images and conduct internal and external conversations via one-to-one or in-group chats, with no IT administration needed to install.

Using secure encrypted messaging, employees are able to sign in to the service using their work email and Flock automatically syncs the office directory to every employee device.

Discussing the launch, Bhavin Turakhia, founder and CEO of Riva – the creator of Flock, said:

“Many of the so-called communications tools out there actually create more work for the people who use them and slow them down. We are all about helping people to get stuff done and communicate effectively and enjoyably.

“Flock […] has no limits on how many people use it or how many conversations are saved – no other service can say the same.”

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Flock product manager, Ninad Rawal, added: “Public instant messengers were never meant for workplace communication. Flock eliminates any chance of accidentally mixing your work or personal messages, or sending your personal ID to clients.”


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