Freelancers “more satisfied with their work” than employees

New research to mark National Freelancers Day reports 86% job satisfaction among UK freelancers compared to 40% of employees

UK freelancers are happier with their work than the nation’s employees, findings from IPSE; the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, reveal today.

Released to coincide with National Freelancers Day, the survey found that 86% of freelancers are “very satisfied with the way they work” compared to just 40% of employees who said they were happy in their jobs.

Only 2% of freelancers said they would consider making the switch to work as an employee while 65% said they intended to continue freelancing “for the foreseeable future”.

On the reasons for becoming a freelancer, 79% said that they had wanted to be their own boss while 69% cited a better work/life balance.

IPSE chief executive, Chris Bryce, said:

“It’s great to see so many people love working as a freelancer. From being your own boss to having the freedom to choose your hours and the clients you work for, there are many reasons to take the leap into the world of freelancing. National Freelancers Day celebrates freelancers’ vital role in the UK’s flexible labour market.”

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  1. Yeah, I become freelancer before almost a year and I`m much happier because sometimes the managers make your life miserable. Now I`m boss of myself and everything is fine 🙂 Very nice article!