90% of freelancers feel unaffected by Brexit vote

A survey has found that the majority of independent workers are happier now than they were in full-time employment

90% of freelancers feel the Brexit vote has had no impact on their desire to work for themselves, according to a report by Talmix.

The survey of 27,000 independent consultants has revealed that 89% believe they are happier finding work for themselves, despite the economic uncertainty caused by the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

When asked about the possible benefits of working for one’s self, 83% cited a better work-life balance as well as the chance of increased earnings, implying that the self-employed route continues to be advantageous for many.

Recent weeks have seen the benefits and risks of the ‘gig economy’ – in which workers gain their income through a series of temporary engagements – become a subject of debate. Just last month, The Employment Tribunal ruled that Uber drivers were legally employees rather than self-employed workers, forcing the tech giant to adhere to a number of legal requirements.

Daniel Callaghan, CEO and founder of Talmix, commented: “It is interesting to see that despite a very turbulent business landscape, freelance consultants are still confident of their choice to leave full-time employment.

“With the recent news surrounding the ‘gig economy’ it is heartening to see that for the most talented individuals the freelance world is exceptionally attractive.

“Crucially, consultants on our platform are enjoying this with no drop in income and are able to experience the best of both worlds.”

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