From sci-fi to reality: Tech trends that will blow your mind in 2015

Startups looks at the key technology trends set to emerge in 2015 with predictions from entrepreneurs and industry experts...

Following advances in “smart” technologies, virtual reality and the Internet of Things (IoT), in 2015 tech will finally begin to catch up with the sci-fi landscapes depicted in movies such as Back to the Future, The Matrix and I, Robot, courtesy of forward-thinking start-ups, innovations by tech giants, and private and public sector investments into new, disruptive ideas.

Having spoken to a range of entrepreneurs and experts in the space, there’s little doubt that the year ahead will see a range of new tech “firsts” including the world’s first ever real hoverboard (yes it is actually going to happen!) and cars that drive themselves.

You can also expect further developments in robotics technology as Google, Amazon and a host of courier firms ramp up their trials of drones – with unmanned aerial delivery of products now within touching distance.

In 2015, the boundaries will once again be pushed to the limit and despite the cliche, the possibilities are endless when it comes to how far these innovations will change the way we live and work in the future.

Ranging from virtual fitting rooms to affordable 3D printers, take a look at the tech trends set to shape 2015…

Follow the links below to view the game-changing tech trends for 2015 or click through the arrows to browse the trends.

1. 3D printing

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2. The hoverboard

3. The civilian drone

4. The iBeacon

5. The driverless car

6. Open data

7. The virtual fitting room

8. Intelligent virtual assistants


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