FSB urges government to recognise people’s right to self-employment

Coalition needs to create culture of entrepreneurship, according to new report

British people should have the right to call themselves self-employed, according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

In a new report, entitled ‘Self Employment: Stimulating Economic Growth,’ the FSB is imploring the government to create a new register of self-employed individuals.

The report also argues that, rather than forcing people to prove they are self-employed through a labyrinthine checking system, HMRC should simply take people at their word and respect declarations of commercial independence.

Other key recommendations include: widening access to the New Enterprise Allowance; tweaking the benefit system to provide more benefit to the self-employed; and creating a culture of entrepreneurship in Britain’s schools.

The FSB has published the recommendations to provide a timely steer for chancellor George Osborne ahead of next week’s Budget, and address what it perceives as the government’s excessive focus on existing employment opportunities, at the expense of new ones.

John Walker, national chairman of the FSB, said:

“The government has so far concentrated on creating employment opportunities, but they also need to help nurture an environment of entrepreneurialism. The chancellor’s Budget provides the perfect opportunity for the government to put a spotlight on self-employment and help break down the barriers to entrepreneurship.

“By extending the New Enterprise Allowance scheme and establishing the right to decide to be self-employed, the government will send the right message to future entrepreneurs and allow self-employment to thrive. The self-employed people of today will be the wealth generators and job creators of tomorrow.”


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