How this gaming router start-up has reached 100 countries from its UK base

“The incredible thing about the modern world is that, with a .com website and savvy marketing, you can reach customers all over the world from your office in the UK.”

This statement, the words of Netduma CEO Luke Barlow, is a ringing endorsement for the power of getting your business online.

And, for Netduma, the benefits of getting online have led to “dream” growth and then some.

Based in Luton and launched in 2014 by Barlow and co-founder Iain Fraser, Netduma is the developer of Duma OS; a unique router operating system that completely transforms your home internet connection by combatting the problems of lag and congestion.

Computer scientist and gaming fanatic Fraser came up with the idea for Netduma after becoming frustrated with lag problems when playing online games at university and it's clear that this was a problem shared by all gamers; today Netduma has thousands of customers in more than 100 countries across the globe.

The multi award-winning business doesn't have any other offices apart from its Luton HQ and operates with a lean team so just how has it managed to achieve this metaphoric global growth in just four years?

The answer lies in having built an innovative USP and effective website from day one.

Back in 2014 and armed with their desired business name of Netduma (‘Duma' means Cheetah in Swahili), the pair registered their business company name in a process “which couldn't have been easier” and then set about “uploading their marketing content, and making their brand come to life for the first time.”

These steps enabled them to create a website which, Barlow attests, has been an essential part of the growth of their business with a huge amount of overseas traffic coming to their website – the majority of which comes from outside the UK.

And Netduma's website has continued to be an essential part of its growth. Today, its website is able to offer various tools such as tailoring its site to a visitor's IP address or location to change aspects such as the language and currency.

So, what's next for Netduma?

Having created a product that solves problems felt by gamers worldwide, Barlow tells us that the exciting thing now is leveraging the Duma OS product and a new Netgear partnership to cement its position as the best router software in the world.

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