Getting Online video library

From choosing your website domain name to standing out on social media, these must-watch videos will help you make your business an online success in no time

Building on our step-by-step guides to Getting Online here, we bring you our video series.

Featuring successful entrepreneurs and start-up founders, these short, snappy, practical videos will help you create and grow a successful website…

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Registering your domain name

How to choose a winning business name – featuring PensionBee




Giving your business idea the perfect name – featuring Laundrapp and gooey




How to decide on the perfect domain name – featuring Letterbox Hamper



Using social media to drive customers to your website

Using social media to build a dot com brand – featuring Trouva




Generating love for a brand through social media – featuring Aurelia Probiotic Skincare



Taking your website worldwide

How to reach 100 countries from your UK base – featuring Netduma




The secrets of  global growth – featuring Mr Lee’s Noodles




Generating online sales from your website


Expert tips to get more online sales – featuring CHC Digital




These videos are part of the ‘Getting Online’ series sponsored by Verisign.