The crowdsourced t-shirt brand providing a platform for independent artists and giving back with every sale

Founders: Jon Penn and Damon Bonser
Launched: August 2011

Goodfibres is more than just a t-shirt brand – it has a mission to do good at home and abroad. Its hip range of unique t-shirt designs are inspired by the work of independent artists, which are then chosen by an online community to go into production.

For each shirt sold, an in kind donation is made to the developing world. Furthermore, every artist is treated fairly and with respect to their livelihood, receiving 10% commission on every sale and maintaining the rights to their own design.

The brainchild of two creatives, who co-founded gift design company Spinning Hat in 2005, Goodfibres has achieved impressive growth – with over 5,000 registered artists across the world providing artwork for the brand. With plans to expand its product range into other forms of apparel, the sustainable start-up is predicting turnover of over £500,000 in 2012.


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