Google’s start-up campus opens for business

New start-up hub launches in London's Old Street

Chancellor George Osborne has officially unveiled Google’s new Campus facility on Old Street, in the heart of London’s Tech City.

The Campus includes facilities such as shared workstations and high-speed Wi-Fi, and is designed to provide a meeting point and working space for London’s tech start-ups.

TechHub, a shared working resource for technology entrepreneurs, has relocated to the building, as has SeedCamp – the business accelerator which offers funding and mentoring to Europe’s brightest young tech and digital companies.

Speaking at the launch event, Osborne expressed a wish for Britain “to become the hub for technology in Europe”, and voiced a desire “to create new jobs, new growth, and new prosperity in every corner of this country.”

Meanwhile Google’s Eze Vidra described the Campus opening as a “transformational moment for the UK start-up community”.



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