Gordon Games

The enterprise gamification start-up helping businesses grow their sales pipeline

Founder: Fiachra Ó Comhraí
Launched: May 2013
Website: www.gordongames.com

Tracking sales targets on whiteboards may soon become a thing of the past with new gamification start-up Gordon Games.

Founded by former vice-president of sales for Salesforce.com, Fiachra Ó Comhraí, the start-up is bridging the gap between enterprise applications and processes and software games.

With three “blockbuster games” already available, all tailored for large sales forces, the team at Gordon Games claim their offerings will enable sales teams to cover more territory, work more pipeline and predict revenue more accurately.

Their latest game, the ‘sales forecast betting game’ allows sales reps to bet chips on opportunities they believe are likely to close based on close date and value.

With a strapline of ‘enjoy work’, the games introduce an element of fun but more importantly the CRM (customer-relationship management) data collected from each game can be turned into actionable insight and feedback.

Currently in the process of raising €750,000 as part of their seed round (with €400,000 committed so far) and with a game that is valued at “a five figure sum” the business has ambitious plans for growth in 2014.


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