Government announces £2m funding to help small businesses grow online

New ‘Do More Online’ campaign will roll-out investment in 22 projects through Local Enterprise Partnerships

The government has announced that it will be investing £2m funding to help small businesses and sole-traders increase their online presence, as part of its new campaign ‘Do More Online’.

An extension of the Business is GREAT initiative, the funding is to be invested in 22 projects through Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEP’s) to help small firms improve their online reach.

One of the initial projects will be the development of a digital TV channel in Manchester to provide “easily- accessible and cost-effective advice” to businesses.

Alongside the funding, support and resources to help start-ups with their digital reach will be made available on the ‘Do More Online’ website.

Several leading brands and organisations have also backed the campaign including Microsoft, Telefonica, HP and The Coalition For A Digital Economy.

Business and enterprise minister, Matthew Hancock, said: “Thousands of potential customers are searching online for local small businesses and without an online profile businesses will lose out.

“To make sure consumers get the best deal and small businesses spread their nets far and wide, the government is investing in a range of advice to help them do more online. I am committed to making the UK the best place in the world to start up and grow, and this is integral to achieving that.”

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  1. Sorry, a digital TV channel?
    What a waste of money.
    Give small business the chance to build their online presence through workshops and very cut priced shopping carts which are worth having.
    Some are run by Mickey Mouse and show business in a rubbish light, The brand is what its all about and this money could be better spent showing companies how that works through getting them online, not lining a digital TV companies pockets who are already doing well. What a waste of time. More money wasted by Government which yet again does not help the small and medium businesses.