Green companies see record investment

Data from Library House shows VC investment in ‘Cleantech’ companies reached the …1bn (£671m) mark of last year.

In total, over …400m (£269m) VC money was raised in 95 deals in 2006 across Europe alone, bringing the total money invested to over …1bn (£671m).

The sector includes a wide-range of companies including alternative energy solutions, material innovation and other technologies for reducing carbon emissions.

There are 217 Cleantech companies are currently backed by VCs in Europe and over 40% of these companies are located in the UK.

Doug Richard, chairman of Library House, said he thought this rising trend would continue and expected some ‘very aggressive investments over the next few years’.

“There is tremendous market opportunity given the magnitude of global energy and environment challenges that need addressing combined with the influence of emerging regulatory regimes,” Richard said.

“Now that the issues are on a wider radar due to rising oil prices etc there is a real need to find the companies of the future.

“We cannot turn back time nor expect western economies to constrain industrial consumption to such a degree that it causes material harm to their economies.

“Our best hope is through innovation and new technologies. Investment will play a key role in getting the ideas of these companies to consumers and finally, making a difference.”

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