Why make your business go green?

We take a look at the financial figures and statistics which prove going green is a good idea

Climate change is rarely out of the news these days. We’re constantly being told we need to do more to combat the effects of global warming. But how does it really affect our own businesses? Here are a few stats to mull over:

20% – the amount a business can cut its energy bills by if it turns off lights in the evening, makes sure computer screens are switched off, and makes full use of natural light

£3.5bn – the combined annual energy bill for the small business sector

£7,000 – the amount the average small business could save if they improved their energy efficiency

40% – the percentage of businesses which have not looked for a better deal on their energy supply since the market was deregulated

30% – the amount a business’ heating costs can increase by if the boiler is poorly maintained

300 tonnes – the amount of carbon dioxide the average non-air conditioned office emits

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50% – the amount an office increases its carbon output by if it installs air conditioning

65 million tonnes – the amount of carbon dioxide the emissions trading scheme plans to cut

$300 – the amount a barrel of oil is predicted to cost by 2020

4% – the average amount of energy sourced from renewable sources by UK suppliers

80% – the amount costs have fallen for producers of wind energy


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