Green Square

Market-leading renewable energy franchise making homes and small businesses greener

Founder: Richard Hiblen
Launched: March 2013

With the demand for greener living on the rise, Green Square is dedicated to helping small businesses and homes become more eco-friendly. The London-based energy brand supplies and installs renewable energy products, such as heat-pumps and solar panels, into domestic and commercial properties.

Having noticed a gap in the market to support the renewable industry, Richard Hiblen realised that he could upscale the speed and effectiveness of installations by operating his business model as a franchise operation, and his vision has paid off.

In the last nine months, the energy start-up has secured exclusive commercial agreements with some of the largest renewable appliance manufacturers and distributors in the UK and boasts impressive financials with turnover set to exceed £300,000 for year-end 2013.

The 2013 Startup 100 listed energy company has recently welcomed three new franchisees to its brand and in the coming months plans to run a UK-wide franchise marketing campaign to fulfil its goal of 100 Green Square outlets by 2018.

PR is also a key focus in Hiblen’s business strategy and you can expect to hear more about the company as it concentrates on growing its exposure in line with government grants for green businesses due to be published soon.

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