Greensleeves Lawn Care

Gardening franchise

Greensleeves offers a top lawn treatment service to its customers. It uses the best quality products with ‘no scorch’ technology which is perfectly safe to children, pets and plants.

Last financial year, 2009, Greensleeves saw its turnover grow by more than 35%, increasing by £500,000 to £1.4m. In addition, Greensleeves’ customer base has more than doubled, in recent month’s it rose from 8,800 to more than 24,000. The company now has 47 franchisees, a number that is growing with the addition of new territories all the time.

What are the secrets of Greensleeves’ success, there are two important contributing factors. One is the quality of our people and the customer service they deliver, they must be professionally minded and ambitious, with a real drive to grow their own business.

The other factor is value for money, our service is affordable and it really produces excellent results, and that’s another reason why it has been so well received by the public.

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