Growth Britain contributors invited by Lord Young to No.10 to ‘discuss future of UK enterprise’

Enterprise website ‘crowdsourced’ ideas from members of the public

The Prime Minister’s enterprise adviser Lord Young today announced that select contributors to the Growth Britain website initiative are to be invited to 10 Downing Street, to discuss their ideas for the future of enterprise with senior officials.

Launched by entrepreneur support group Prelude in November, the Growth Britain website was launched as an ‘ideas crowdsourcing’ platform, allowing members of the public to contribute their own suggestions for boosting enterprise in the UK.

Prelude says the site gained thousands of views within weeks of launch, with CEOs and founders of companies making up almost three-quarters of suggestions.

Users are able to comment and vote on ideas suggested via the platform, which focuses on a range of enterprise areas including education, employment, regulation, and skills & training.

Ideas selected as ‘favourites’ by Prelude included:

  • Make Britain more attractive for high net-worth Chinese tourists: Chinese tourists spend three times more on average on UK visits than visitors from any other country. This contributor suggested a raft of measures to encourage more Chinese tourists, including relaxation of visa restrictions.
  • Make all grant funding low-interest loans: This contributor suggested adding more accountability to business grant funding by turning grants into zero- or low-interest loans, so the capital can be re-invested in other growing businesses.
  • High-speed internet access throughout the UK: Ensure that people have access to broadband wherever they are in the country to prevent certain regions having a competitive edge.

Lord Young and senior officials from the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) will meet with a group of popular contributors selected by Prelude to air their ideas at a round-table discussion at No.10, at a date not yet specified.

Duncan Cheatle, chief executive of Prelude Group, said: “It’s easy to spot what’s not working, harder to see what might be done to help drive growth.

“It’s great that we have pulled out of recession but we still have a long way to go. Growth Britain is our way of crowd sourcing practicable ideas that can help accelerate Britain’s economic growth.”


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