Harry Ramsdens looking to batter fish and chip rivals

Chain planning huge franchise expansion

Harry Ramsden’s, the UK’s leading fish and chip shop chain, has announced the launch of a new franchise initiative and are appealing to entrepreneurs who would like to get involved to come forward.

The firm has decided to open a large number of restaurants over the next 12 months, adding to the 160 outlets they already own or franchise across the country.

The chain will open new Harry Ramsden’s ‘Locals’, which they hope will exploit the enduring popularity of fish and chips among both rural and urban neighbourhoods.

Maurice Gammell, managing director of Harry Ramsden’s, said that there is a great potential to introduce a well-recognised brand into the largely unbranded and fragmented local fish and chip market.

“Last year 15 unbranded company owned fish and chip outlets were re-branded as Harry Ramsden’s Local and the results were amazing.

“Some of the units were up 120 per cent on last years sales – this just demonstrates the power of the brand,” he said.

Harry Ramsden’s, who attract over ten million customers a year, have divided their outlets into three formats – restaurant, express and local. Franchisees are being sought to run the local outlets.

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Any budding entrepreneurs who would like to get involved with the Harry Ramsden’s brand can contact them on their Franchise Enquiry Line by calling 0870 8505 100.


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