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Healthy food business: MightyBee

Meat-free jerky? MightyBee has made it a reality with its range of raw coconut jerky. Coconut meat and coconut water are also on the menu…

Mission statement: Harnessing the power of nature
One-line elevator pitch: Organic, raw and “virgin” all-natural coconut products including coconut jerky, coconut water, and coconut meat
Stocked with: Wholefoods, Planet Organic, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, As Nature Intended

The story

In their search to find the “world’s tastiest” coconuts, founders Ice Min and Joshua Ng came across Ratchaburi, Thailand where they discovered the Nam Hom coconut. This discovery – Nam Hom coconuts are green in colour and cultivated for drinking – led Min and Ng to launch their own range of natural tasting coconut water. This “Virgin” coconut water, unpasteurised and blast frozen immediately after being bottled, marked the duo’s first foray into coconut products and they have since launched coconut jerky and coconut meat. The jerky, made from soaking dehydrated coconut in sauces including bbq, teriyaki, and chocolate hazelnut, is sugar-free, gluten-free and provides one of your five a day. The raw coconut meat can be eaten as a snack, added to smoothies and even pureed into baby food to “increase nutritional value”.

Why MightyBee makes our list:

Innovation is core to MightyBee’s offering. The business has created not one, but three, coconut vegetarian, vegan and paleo-friendly product ranges and it’s a fast-growing area of the food and drink sector – the coconut water market is worth over £22m in the UK alone. Certified by the Soil Association and with a Fairtrade approach, MightyBee’s progress so far is a testament to its ethical stance. The business wants to “change the way we think about, deliver and consume food, one coconut at a time”.

What the critics say:

“Best new raw product of the year so far. Vegan young coconut flesh jerky.” – Lucuma Magazine


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