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Healthy food business: nutrii

A popular dairy product in the Nordics, nutrii is bringing quark to the UK with its high-protein range. Say hello to the “nu” snack in the fridge

Mission statement: A Mountain of Protein
One-line elevator pitch:“Virtually” fat-free, high-protein quark yoghurt
Stocked with: Wholefoods, As Nature Intended, The Grocery, Simply Fresh, The People’s Supermarket, Protein Haus

The story

Having lived in Scandinavia for most of their lives, young entrepreneurs Akvile March and Juhani Meurman grew up eating quark – a popular dairy snack which has the texture of soft cheese and the taste of Greek yoghurt. On moving to the UK, the duo were unable to find quark on the supermarket shelves as it was in their home country. “Homesick for a protein packed treat” and fresh out of university, the pair decided to launch their own quark dairy range with fruit that would “taste good and could be eaten on the go”. Rich in protein, low in fat and carbohydrates, and with gut-friendly probiotics, nutrii is now available in plain, mango and raspberry flavours.

Why nutrii makes our list:

Inspired by their Nordic heritage, March and Meurman have taken the process of straining warm cultured milk and turned it into a potential new UK superfood. With snowboarder Aimee Fuller, who represented Britain at the 2014 Olympics, as ambassador and with a “host” of national stockists lined up, nutrii is one to watch in 2016. Its versatility also makes it a potentially lucrative business – you can have it for breakfast, dinner or as a healthy dessert.

What the critics say:

“nutrii is delicious” – The Independent
“Actually really good” –The Guardian


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