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Healthy food business: Oppo Ice Cream

Healthy ice cream? It might sound too good to be true but Oppo’s “luxury, indulgent” ice cream has fewer calories than an apple...

Mission statement: Indulge. Guilt-free.
One-line elevator pitch: Sugar-free ice cream with fewer calories than a large apple
Stocked with: Waitrose, Budgens, Ocado, Co-Op, Holland & Barrett, Marriott, Southampton FC

The story

After a trip to Brazil, London brothers Charlie and Harry Thuillier were inspired to create an indulgent food product made with superfoods that wouldn’t sacrifice taste – they plumped for ice cream. Despite criticism that “healthy ice cream is impossible”, the Thuilliers have turned their idea into a reality with  luxury “guilt free” dairy ice cream range Oppo. Sugar-free and low in calories (at around 38-43 calories per scoop it actually has fewer calories than a large apple), the duo have created three flavours including vanilla, mint choc and salted caramel which combine ‘healthy ingredients’ such as baobab. When compared to a 100ml portion of Haagen Dazs ice cream, Oppo has two-thirds fewer calories and almost 11 grams less sugar.

Why Oppo ice cream makes our list:

Fusing health with indulgence, Oppo’s superfood ice cream has already become a hit with foodies and investors less than 18 months since launch. Last year it secured £300,000 in an oversubscribed Seedrs round and has another crowdfunding campaign underway. Stocked in over 1,300 stores nationwide, the start-up has won several awards of late including Guardian Start-up of the Year. What’s more, the Thuilliers recently accompanied the prime minister on a trade mission to Milan to showcase the “best of British food innovation”.

What the critics say:

“Hope for the health-conscious: sugar-free ice cream even gym bunnies will eat.” – The Guardian


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