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Healthy food business: Tribe

Tribe is both a range of healthy, organic, dairy-free snacks to help runners and athletes "train longer and stronger" and a running community itself

Mission statement: Eat natural. Run free.
One-line elevator pitch: Nutrient rich-snacks to help you train stronger, delivered in the post
Stocked with: Online subscription service

The story

“Ultra” runners Rob Martineau, Tom Stancliffe and Guy Hacking came up with the idea for Tribe following a 1,000 mile run across Eastern Europe where they produced their own trail mixes to keep up their energy and nutrients. On arriving back to the UK, the trio decided they wanted to share their “tried and tested” snacks with other endurance exercisers. Shortly after that they launched Tribe – part running community, part healthy subscription snack service – specifically targeted at runners and athletes. With no refined sugars, sulphites, wholefood-based, GM-free, organic, and dairy-free, each Tribe Pack box comes with five snacks categorised in four ways; organic fruit, protein seed mixes, antioxidant power, and a typical trail mix.

Why Tribe makes our list:

Tribe is much more than just a healthy food business. It boasts a network of dedicated London runners – each fortnight it lays on runs across the capital alongside a monthly 100km off-road stint – and has a social ethos at its core with its charity arm, Tribe for Good, which supports charitable fundraising projects and “adventures by Tribe runners”. It has carried its charitable arm across to its profit strategy; 10p from each Tribe Pack box goes to Tribe for Good.

What the critics say:

“The Tribe pack is set to take over the sport snack market.” – PT magazine


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