Here’s how your business can use Instagram to boost sales

Guest columnist and content marketing professional Gabrielle Sadeh explains how powerful Instagram tools can lead more window shoppers into customers

Instagram is a top platform for selling physical products online. It’s visual, immediate, authentic and evokes empathy.

30% of Instagram users have bought something they first spotted on Instagram, and 72% of customers say seeing Instagram photos of a product increases their chances of buying.

Instagram’s strength as a sales tool is simple – it’s all about the images. Audience members simply love visual content. It’s faster to consume than text, creates stronger impact, and encourages significantly more engagement. E-commerce website traffic referred by Instagram is far less likely going to bounce on the first glance than other acquisition channels. These people have already seen what you’re selling in action, and they want it.

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Yotpo, a user-generated content (UGC) marketing platform, has recognised the untapped sales potential of Instagram and has, in recent months, rolled out a variety of marketing tools designed to help merchants leverage the power of this visual social network.

At its core, Yotpo is a platform for collecting, creating and distributing marketing assets from verified customer reviews, so the addition of Instagram tools to the suite helps to solidify the value that the platform offers to sellers.

Ready to make some serious cash with your company’s Instagram feed? Read on.

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Turn window shopping into conversions

Yotpo launched its Shoppable Instagram solution recently to catch the eye of shoppers who don’t know what to get for that special someone – until they see it.

The idea is, it will help your business monetise your Instagram feed with minimal effort. Your followers can see ratings for each product tagged in your photos and read through reviews before buying.

One feature of Yotpo’s Shoppable Instagram is the ability to give your customers the feeling of still being in-app. There’s added credibility to giving your e-commerce-integrated image galleries the look and feel of Instagram, just with the ability to purchase.

Yotpo isn’t the first company to develop a solution for integrating e-commerce with Instagram. Even Instagram itself has recently begun testing its own “shoppable tags” interface. However, because this tool is so tightly integrated with everything else Yotpo offers sellers for maximising social proof with curated images and verified ratings and reviews, this solution may be the most effective yet.

Approximately 30% of Instagram users regularly buy products they first discover while browsing on the platform. How many more would purchase if they could do so without losing time, and seamlessly from the app? Now imagine those revenues in your pocket.

Effortless social curation

Do a quick search on a hashtag related to your products. What do you see? How many of the user photos that show up would you love to use in your own marketing materials?

But you can’t, right? Instagram offers no native pathway for you to connect with users for the rights to reuse their images. As great as the platform is for social marketing, that’s a major drawback. And this is something Yotpo’s Social Curation tool is designed to solve.

Start by searching Instagram by keyword or user handle, and then use automated messaging to ask your fans for permission to republish their images. Once they reply with a predetermined comment hashtag, the images in question will automatically migrate to your Yotpo image collections, which you can then use to publish galleries embedded on your site’s product pages.

Your fans will love the compliment you’re paying them by using their photos. Site visitors also love seeing authentic, user-generated content being shared by your brand; it screams authenticity and social proof. Shoppers stick around longer and conversion rates improve. What’s not to love?

Earn your paid media

According to Instagram’s research, people are 2.8 times more likely to remember an ad they see on Instagram than the average digital ad. What’s more, Forrester research shows that per-follower engagement rates on Instagram (about 2.3%) put all of the other social channels to shame (Facebook, in the number two slot, offers a paltry 0.2%).

Ready to get started churning out those killer visuals? Don’t run to the graphic designers or studio photographers just yet. UGC is a powerful tool for your ad campaigns, too, because it’s more relatable – when people see their peers in real situations enjoying products, it’s far easier for them to imagine themselves in a similar situation.

Yotpo also has Visual Marketing tools, which allow you to take the images, ratings and reviews that your customers submit to you and turn them into powerful promoted posts.

Instagram’s targeting options are extremely impactful, too, as the ad platform is powered by parent company Facebook’s technologies.

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To get the most from your UGC ads, make sure you choose photos with people in them and give credit where it’s due. An Instagram ad shouldn’t feel like an ad. It should blend with your brand message and the content on your followers’ feeds. Tag your source, and don’t forget to make the post shoppable, too. Good luck!


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