How can entrepreneurs enhance their work-life balance overnight?

Entrepreneurs who make time to spend with family are more successful than those who don’t – improve your productivity today...

Your business might be your baby, but your real family need and deserve your attention too. And not just for their benefit – time spent with your family is a great way to step outside of your hectic business bubble and unwind.

After all, just because you’re spending all your time with your business doesn’t mean it’s quality time – you make bad decisions when you’re stressed and tired. In fact, studies have shown that entrepreneurs who do make more time for family and achieve a better work-life balance are more likely to be successful.

Being able to get work done on the move is a good way to create more free time for yourself later, and with the devices you probably have at your fingertips, there’s very little you can’t do when you’re travelling to work or a meeting with a client.

But what changes can you implement today to make sure business time doesn’t eat into family time?

Use productivity and mindfulness apps

There are a multitude of mindfulness and productivity apps available that can help you to achieve a healthier work-life balance. Whether to concentrate better, relax through mindfulness or get things done on the move, find the productivity apps that work for you.

Accounting software providers offer comprehensive mobile accounting apps, enabling everything from invoicing to payroll, whilst communication apps such as Slack are fantastic tools for keeping in touch with colleagues and collaboration whilst you’re on the move.

Other apps can help make sure you are more productive whilst in the office. You could use Freedom to block distracting websites or tracking apps to track how long you’re spending on a given task.

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Schedule family time in your calendar

For a hyper-organised, time-conscious entrepreneur, the best way to make sure you have free time to enjoy with your family is to put it in your calendar. Not only will it give you something to look forward to, building family-time into your schedule highlights its importance and could give you the necessary nudge needed to complete important tasks beforehand so you can enjoy it worry-free. Set your mobile devices to notify you when family time is coming up.

Develop delegation skills and communicate

You don’t have to do everything! The hubris of an entrepreneur can lead them to overburden themselves with tasks that could be better performed by someone else under the mistaken belief that a being frantically busy is tantamount to being successful.

Free up time for yourself by outsourcing the tasks you lack expertise in to employees or freelancers who are better equipped to handle them. Outsourcing is an established way of keeping a lean business and getting things done. There are plenty of freelance or contract suppliers ready to offer their services. You can maintain communication with whomever has been assigned a task to check up on their progress and make sure it is up to the standard you expect.

Switch your mobile devices off… occasionally!

Finally, if you’re not awaiting a hugely important call then why not just switch your mobile device off for the evening and turn it back on again when you wake up? Let go of the pressure to be constantly ‘on’ and connected. Even the mindfulness apps can wait!

Anything missed in that time can be attended to the next day and if it’s really an emergency have someone in your business on hand who’s prepared to deal with it themselves or contact you in another way.

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