How can my business get started in Hong Kong?

We are a small technology company and have some product ideas in the final stage of development – with a lot of potential for the Asian market. We have heard a lot about China as the world’s manufacturing centre and using Hong Kong as the platform for business in the region. How can we get started?

A. Lawrence Yipp of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council writes:

Hong Kong’s ideally placed to help your company develop and launch new products, all the way from the drawing board to the marketplace.

We’ve certainly got the right experience. For many years Hong Kong has been the world’s leading supplier of a wide range of attractive and competitively- priced consumer goods. Ensuring these products get to the customers is vital to our suppliers who have built up a reputation for speed and reliability.

But during the last decade Hong Kong businesses have gone beyond simple buying and selling to sophisticated supply chain management. By leveraging links with other firms and service providers, Hong Kong companies can help their clients maintain competitiveness in today’s cut-throat markets.

It’s not just about the transportation and warehousing of goods. Supply chain management is based on a more comprehensive approach that maximises value at each stage of the process. It’s involved from the very genesis of an idea, and Hong Kong companies are known for their innovative ideas and creativity. They can support product development and prototyping, production planning and the sourcing of components, inventory and materials management, the physical manufacture of products, quality control, marketing and full after-sales support.

Chinese consumers tend to look to Hong Kong for new ideas, trends and fashions. Many companies therefore use Hong Kong as a test market before launching their products or services elsewhere in the mainland.

Doing business in Hong Kong is easy. It offers a level playing field to business with rule of law, strong anti-corruption legislation, a free flow of information and world-class intellectual property rights protection.

If you’re looking for potential partners, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council can help. It has a database of over 100,000 companies in Hong Kong, and details of around 60,000 Hong Kong businesses with factories in China. Its business matching service can put you in touch with suppliers, customers, service providers or business partners in Hong Kong. For more details, visit


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